​ “To explore human emotions and expression to its farthest depths, to be capable of reproducing the moment, be it human, natural, or inanimate in the form of images. To be able to share that moment, and help others relive it through our work; that is what we yearn for.” 

We are 9th Ray Studios and we have been creating content as photographers and cinematographers at Hyderabad since 2016.  

We strongly believe in being a visual communication medium for our clients, where we stand back and capture the moments that you are living and making your dreams and ideas come true, in the form of photographs or videos! 

For us, photography is something beyond just having quality time. We are the ones who get to freeze it. What an amazing feeling, isn't it? Freezing time itself! It's mesmerizing to us because the actuality and the status quo of the subject would always change but, the photo remains the same. And that is a point in time which now lasts forever. For us, photography is more than just an art form.